I went with the family to a popular Youtuber’s burger spot, and as you would expect, it was plastered with content placement, and the food was average at best, but for marketing purposes, they nailed it with this place. If you are ever at the […]
  • Rivian R1T
    This makes my large Lexus GX460 look small, and my vehicle is not small. I think it’s a nice-looking truck, and to be an EV, times are changing. Pickup trucks are huge in the US, and Rivian put themselves in a good position by releasing […]
  • Electric DeLorean
    Pure nostalgia will make this a hit. If this a final design, this thing will look really good. We need more EV option on the market to drop prices and drive the industry to create more charging station with a robust support system in place.
  • Motorola Razr 5G
    I bought a Motorola Razr 5G to replace my cracked Google Pixel 3, and for the most part, I’m digging it. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have wireless charging, but it’s worth it for everything else it offers for my lifestyle. When closed, the form […]
  • Rad Power Bikes – RadRover 5
    So I commune into work every day on my ebike. I’m done driving my car into Manhattan. I tried a few electric vehicles, but ultimately, I settled on the large frame RadRover 5. I went with the older model with the large frame and large […]
  • Ebike Journey (Part 2)
    So I picked an ebike. I think it sets a balance between price performance and features. It has a lot of things I like and a few I wish I could change. I went with the RadRover 5 (there is a newer one, but this […]
  • Ebike Journey (Part 1)
    I commute between New York and New Jersey daily, and I need easy transportation that’s portable low maintenance and has enough power to get me up a hill with relative ease. I also need to be able to pick it up and put it in […]
  • Zero Motorcycles
    So I love tech and especially the idea of electrified vehicles. I have an electric skateboard that I do not feel comfortable riding at my age, I have a Segway mini that isn’t safe to ride with the learning curve and the amount of power […]
  • MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16
    I’m liking what’s becoming of the MacBook with its in-house-built M1 chips. This year’s model allows created that much need 64GB of RAM and XDR display technology. But the star of the show is the three Thunderbolt 4 USB-C connections, a full-sized HDMI port, a […]
  • The Right Mic
    As much as I would love to have a Shure SM7B, I don’t record that frequently to justify the $400 expense. I needed the next best thing, and according to the many reviews and recommendations I’ve been flooded with, I’ve decided to simply get the Blue Yeti USB Mic…



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