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Changes in tech

Charles.D. | April 3, 2020 close

New Motorola RAZR – Not a flagship but a cool phone if you like flip phones.
Galaxy Z Flip – It’s something you should take a look.
Range Plus trim Tesla Model S – Tesla is constantly raising the bar, soon you’ll be to get more out of your 2019 or better Model S with just a software update.


Is my cell phone better?

Charles.D. | March 2, 2019 close

Does the iPhone make you cool, well kind of because that’s how most people see it and view you once you have one.

I agree the iPhone is certainly a beauty but so are other phone out there.

I’ve owned 3 Nexus phones, though I’ve skipped the Pixel phones I do believe they are great phone with a seamless pure Google experience that’s hard to match. I don’t think people care all that much about flexibility and control just what’s cool.

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