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The Final Word

Ebike Journey (Part 1)

Charles.D. | November 10, 2021

I commute between New York and New Jersey daily, and I need easy transportation that’s portable low maintenance and has enough power to get me up a hill with relative ease. I also need to be able to pick it up and put it in my SUV without a struggle. I researched online to understand how these electric transporters work and how they will suit my needs. I’ve owned an electric skateboard, a self-balancing Segway mini, and an electric scooter. I’ve looked at mid-drive ebikes rear hub motor mounted ebikes and electric scooters with powerful motors capable of high speed. You have to worry about flat tires, chains breaking, and gears to manage and maintain depending on the bike. I had to factor in driving on New York roads and bringing my commuter into the office to charge.

Ebikes are pricey and have specs that can overwhelm most people. I wanted something I could sit down on, and that get’s me going, mostly with just the motor. It needs to have integrated lights, an LCD that shows me the mode I’m riding, and the battery level. I also wanted a security system, storage, and the ability to have another person ride with me. Batteries have a finite lifespan, so they also need to have removable batteries or the means to replace them. I know I have quite a few requirements but bear with me. I like having everything integrated, so I don’t have to hook stuff all over the place. I want to go at least 20 to 25 mph, so I need more than a simple bike bell. I need something with girth to alert others during a potential hazard. I need something loud and integrated. I also need to be able to charge my phone via an integrated USB port.

Stay tuned for more.

Written by Charles.D.