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The Final Word

Ebike Journey (Part 3)

Malik | December 12, 2022


So my to good to be true craigslist electric motorcycle purchase stopped working when I left work one day. Fortunately, I had my reliable Rad Power RadRover 5 parked in the same bike cage. I opened up the electric motorcycle to see if it was a wiring or battery issue, but it was behind my expertise. It is one of those Honda grom clones with an electric motor. Looking at the wiring, I felt it was messy, and once when I was riding in the rain, it stopped accelerating for a few minutes. The previous owner did some rewiring but could have done better.

As much as I would like to, I can not, unfortunately, go back to a 750-watt e-bike. Though it does get up to about 26 mph (after I replaced the controller), it does not have the torque or speed to maneuver safely in New York City. Due to this problem, I was hunting for a reliable, affordable electric moped. I quickly realized these things are expensive and that I would have to bite the bullet and pay the price they are asking. Yes, It has to be electric. I’m not looking to upset my neighbors in the morning or have to learn how to drive manual gear. Below are a few of the bikes I was looking into.

ONYX RCR e-bike:

I was strongly considering the ONYX RCR. It was a bit pricy, but It had a very appealing top speed. I loved how it looked, and the battery range was attractive.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle:

I love how the SONDORS looks, and it would have allowed me to do my brief highway stints.

Monday PIEZO:

The Monday PIEZO looked ok, and the specs were so-so, but it wasn’t for me.

What I did was search for local e-bike shops near me. I landed on Fly E-bike. I prefer local shops for the added support that comes with the purchase. They had a bike listed as an F-TC. At first, I did not know the brand, but I thought it was a great-looking bike. I had to see it in person, so I went to a local shop. When I got there, they praised the bike’s reliability and quality. But then I noticed it was a Super SOCO. When I was searching online, this would come up as a top choice, but it was not available in the US. Fly E-bike partnered with the brand to release this store-branded version.

The Super SOCO TC is an electric motor scooter manufactured by SOCO Technology. It is designed for urban commuters looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

One of the key features of the Super SOCO TC is its powerful electric motor. It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 mph, making it a quick and efficient way to get around the city. The scooter also has a range of up to 31 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for longer commutes.

The Super SOCO TC is also designed for ease of use. It has a lightweight and compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The scooter also comes with a keyless start and a digital dashboard that displays important information such as speed, battery level, and riding mode.

The Super SOCO TC is also equipped with a range of safety features to keep riders safe. It has disc brakes on both wheels, providing strong stopping power in all weather conditions. The scooter also has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and rear-wheel drive, which provides better stability and control.

My purchase was very smooth, and I could take the bike home that day after they charged the battery a bit for me. It was a vintage green color, and it looked great. The top speed was caped at 28 mph. This would not work for me and was just as much of a hazard as my RadRover. Considering it cost just over $3.300, getting passed by e-bikes was unacceptable for something that looks like a motorcycle and requires registration. I called the store, and they went above and beyond to rectify the issue. Unfortunately, they a to exchange it for a clack version, but fortunately, this one had the proper top speed. The first one I had had a speed limiter that prevented the bike from exceeding 28 mph, even downhill.

In the end, I bought a bike that is IP65 rated, has a lower price than the ones I was looking into, has a top speed good enough to get me around the city, has good security features, and is easy to ride. It does get a lot of attention, and I’m more than happy to talk about it. I’ve only had it for a month, but it’s a great bike. Overall, the Super SOCO TC is an excellent choice for urban commuters looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Its powerful electric motor, long-range, and ease of use make it a great option for getting around the city, while its safety features and modern design make it a stylish and enjoyable ride.

Thanks to the folks @ 913 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025, USA, for a great purchase experience and exceptional customer service!

Written by Malik