About Us

Technology affects our lives in many ways and though we would like to think that we know it all, the reality is their’s always room for growth. There is a disparity between folks of different ethnic backgrounds stemming from generations of conditioning that has impacted community relations, quality of education, financial resources, financing opportunities, job opportunities and so much more. In many cases I’ve experienced personally, the generational affect on parents of under developed communities pass down the knowledge or lack of, to their their children. Now I’m not saying all Black/African Americans are at a disadvantage but certainly in America their is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to level the playing field for everyone.

We all know that technology is the backbone of just about every major industry we can think of and having a good foundation is essential. As an African American myself I feel compelled to assist in any way I can to empower the development of our aspiring minds to enable us to have a competitive advantage.

School is not the only way to achieve greatness, you have to go above and beyond to acquire the education required in today’s world. Teachers play a role in presenting the fundamentals essential to succeed from the perspective of being able to communicate and articulate on a level necessary to navigate the waves of the wold around us, unfortunately the constraints posed limits their willingness and in some cases discourages them from achieving their objectives.