Tesla Model Y

I personal like the idea of electric cars and appropriate Tesla transforming the industry, but let’s understand one thing folks; this is going to be a game changer! Tesla has already convinced Americans to

BMW X7 Car Tech
71 %


If you want a large 3 row SUV you have many choices but until recently BMW wasn’t one of them, now though you can chose BMW’s new large X7. The SUV (BMW calls it


Car Purchasing Power

Purchasing a car is an important decision to have to make, there are many factors and variables to consider. For me it’s all about the tech but for a lot of people it really


I Got a Flat.

I was just driving along when my TPM (tire pressure monitor) sensor came on. I just checked the pressure on all my tires so I was a bit puzzled. I didn’t want to take

2019 Maybach Car Tech
79 % Good

2019 Maybach

Love it or hate it (you have to understand the purpose!) the the new Maybach is a well appointed refresh, and with this model year (2019) they are trying to distance this sub-brand from the


Genesis Essentia Concept EV

Now that¬†Genesis is it’s own brand, it’s time to start showing the wold what they have in store for Mercedes, Audi and BMW. The Genesis Essentia is a nice start, with a claimed drivetrain


Lexus GX 460

So I recently bought a Lexus GX 460 and it’s a great body on frame vehicle with good performance and great off road capabilities. The headlights are bright, the suspension is smooth, the interior