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The Final Word

I Got a Flat.

Charles.D. | February 27, 2019

I was just driving along when my TPM (tire pressure monitor) sensor came on. I just checked the pressure on all my tires so I was a bit puzzled. I didn’t want to take any chances potentially having to jack up my huge body-on-frame SUV in the busy cold NY (24 degrees Fahrenheit) streets, so I found the closest tire place I could find which is every other corner in upper Harlem. I was told that the puncture was on the side wall meaning they could not fix it, I would have to get a new tire. It’s bad timing because I was holding out for a sale on a complete new set but now… Also you can’t just trust these corner tire places, they may give you a good deal but on some old expired tires.

I ultimately decided to get some new tires, luckily I know a thing or two and I have trust issues. I checked the date on the tires and confirmed they were new and after they installed them I checked the date again.

The moral of the story is, tires are a very important part of the function of your car. Think long and hard before you cheap out.

Written by Charles.D.