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The Final Word

RIP Nexus

Charles.D. | March 13, 2018

As a longtime enthusiast of Nexus phones, I’ve journeyed through the years with various models, reveling in the flexibility and the pure Android experience they offered. Sure, the Nexus line was considered niche, but for those who appreciated an untainted Android environment, it was a phone worth owning.

One of the aspects I cherished the most was Google’s commitment to avoiding bloat. I have a particular aversion to apps that I deem useless or redundant, and Nexus phones always delivered a streamlined experience. With each new release, Google showcased the capabilities of their software, finely tailored to the hardware they had a hand in creating.

Now, with the announcement that the latest Android P won’t be available for the last Nexus phones produced, such as the Nexus 6P and 5X, there’s a tinge of nostalgia. These devices marked the end of an era, where Google’s own hardware and software seamlessly came together to provide users with a unique and delightful smartphone experience.

But, as one door closes, another opens. The Pixel line of phones has taken up the mantle, continuing the tradition of a pure Android experience. While bidding farewell to my beloved Nexus, I’m looking forward to embracing the Pixel and exploring the advancements in both hardware and software.

Change is inevitable in the tech world, and as I plan my transition to a Pixel phone, I can’t help but appreciate the legacy of the Nexus line. It was more than just a phone; it was a testament to what Google could achieve when it focused on the essentials. Here’s to the Nexus, a series that will always hold a special place in the hearts of Android purists.

Written by Charles.D.