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I bought a Pixel 3

Charles.D. | April 25, 2019

So I decided to purchase a Pixel 3 (black) to replace my Essential Phone and I really wish I didn’t! First off it is a nice phone and the right size if you like phones that fit in your hands but my Essential Phone’s LCD screen seems brighter, the battery life certainly lasts longer, I pretty much get the updates at the same pace as the Pixel phones and it has a very nice sleek look to it.


So why upgrade? Well, I needed something new and as an individual known for recommending tech it’s hard to explain the Essential Phone. The wireless charging, IP68 rating, faster processor, OLED display (I do a lot of VR) and that amazing camera compelled me.

My real problem is the Bluetooth, it disconnects from my car, my smartwatch, my headphones and my earbuds. It’s a real pain and I do plan on contacting Google about.

Read below for my pros and cons.


  • Loud front facing speaker
  • Wireless charging
  • All the goodies that comes with Google exclusivity
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Amazing camera


  • All glass design
  • Endless Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Not the brightest screen
  • Battery does not last the entire day


Hit me up in the comment section and let me know about your experience




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