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The Final Word

Zero Motorcycles

Charles.D. | November 5, 2021

So I love tech and especially the idea of electrified vehicles. I have an electric skateboard that I do not feel comfortable riding at my age, I have a Segway mini that isn’t safe to ride with the learning curve and the amount of power required to control it, and my beloved Hover-1 – Alpha scooter. My scooter was forced out of commission due to a reckless driver that did a u-turn into the bike lane while I was cruising downhill at about 20 miles per hour. Now I have a mini Lihaze e-bike with some upgrades to accommodate my height (6 feet 2 inches).

I am not in the market for a powerful electric motorcycle, but the idea I think is interesting. Zero Motorcycles 2022 SR model will allow you to ‘push’ software-based upgrades to the bike similar to what you can get on a Tesla vehicle. The 2022 SR has a top speed of 104 miles per hour and will start at $17,995 when it arrives. For $1,795, you can get the speed up to 124 miles per hour.

Written by Charles.D.