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Web Independence (Part 1)

Charles.D. | June 21, 2020

Host your own website:

You are probably at home now due to the pandemic, why not take this time to start that project you have been wanted to do for so long. These days it is supper easy to build a website and it is relatively inexpensive. There are many ways to host a website but the simplest way is to let a reliable company take care of the foot work. You can choose from many hosting services (see our recommendations), we use IONOS by 1&1, and they offer a WordPress hosting option.

  1. Pick a Domain Name: Most web hosts provide a free domain with purchase of a package, choose wisely this is the start of owning your brand.
  2. Go With WordPress: Trust me, this is the easiest way to mange your content hassle free with a short learning curve and many options to add functionality via plugins, paid and free.
  3. Choose Your Brand: Designing a logo is probably the most challenging part but you can hold off on this for now just focus on getting your site up.
  4. Pick a Theme: There are many free themes to explore and if you have the budget you can consider purchasing one with more advance feature but for now lets just find a free one that works. Play around with how things work and click through the menu options to get a feel of things.

Written by Charles.D.

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