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Just The Tech

Google Voice

Charles.D. | January 31, 2019

I heavily rely on Google Voice, heck I have to stop and pause to remember my actual phone number. Ever since Google updated the app last year it has given me new hope, hope that they will not ax it. I used it within Google Hangouts when Hangouts was the […]

Just The Tech

True Wireless Headphones

Charles.D. | September 11, 2018

Despite the fact that the rational part of my brain told me clearly, two little earplugs with independent batteries, requires not just Bluetooth but constant communication to each other, no real controls and no way to quickly place them somewhere when you need to show your job ID while holding […]

Just The Tech

Essential Phone PH-1 Review

Charles.D. | May 4, 2018

So I recently purchased an Essential Phone to replace my cracked Note 5 and I have to say this thing is fast. I wasn’t a first adopter so I’m not experiencing the issues a lot of users are reporting. Yes the camera does suck but I really don’t use camera’s that […]

Just The Tech


Charles.D. | March 31, 2018

I know Verizon decided to cancel the thing but I own a Wear24 and It’s a nice watch. With LTE calling and a long battery life it tops anything I’ve own in the past. So I was board one day and decided to see what would happen if I activated […]

Just The Tech

RIP Nexus

Charles.D. | March 13, 2018

I owned a number of Nexus phones over the years, the flexibility and the pure Android experience is delightful. Though it was niche product, it was certainly a phone worth owning. I hate bloat (apps deemed useless or redundant) at least what I consider bloat. With every new Nexus Google […]

Just The Tech

Note 5

Charles.D. | March 7, 2018

I’m not a big fan of buying new phones so I got myself a good old Samsung Note 5 for Verizon to replace my newer Nexus 5X. I kinda like this thing, Samsung clearly wants to add features and functionality to their phone to make them stand out. Heck even […]

Just The Tech

Nexus 6P Years Later (Update)

Charles.D. | October 5, 2017

Yes I still have a Nexus 6P and I love it. The battery still holds a charge, it got updated to Android Oreo, it has a headphone jack, it still responsive, it has dual front facing speakers, the camera works well, it has a nice premium metal and grass look and […]

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