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Rad Power Bikes – RadRover 5

Charles.D. | April 13, 2022

So I commune into work every day on my ebike. I’m done driving my car into Manhattan. I tried a few electric vehicles, but ultimately, I settled on the large frame RadRover 5. I went with the older model with the large frame and large 26-inch fat tires (RadRover 6 Plus is the current model). I also wanted to save some money (the new is 2k). I know I wanted a few accessories to add even more to the cost (see below).

  1. A suspension seat post $45
  2. A rear rack $49.99
  3. Brown leather hand grips $25
  4. Brown leather large seat $35
  5. Bike Pannier $50
  6. Bike alarm/horn $45
  7. Rearview mirrors $35
  8. Cupholder $15

But the real reason is the RadPower Upgrade Kit. What this upgrade kit does for my bike is nothing less than a miracle. No, it does not increase the speed of the bike by itself. Its primary purpose is to increase the torque and allow for better hill-climbing, to name a few. The RadRover is not a very fast ebike, and it has a questionable 750w motor (both old and new), but the kit makes this shine. The RadRover 6 Plus, though it claims improvements on the motor, can not keep up with RadRover 5 with RadPower Upgrade Kit. Once I’ve and my accessories, I’m proud of my purchase and like the look of the outcome. Let me know what you think.

Written by Charles.D.

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