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Powerbeats3 Wireless

Charles.D. | February 11, 2019

I have several sets of Bluetooth headphones, some from TJ Maxx (Don’t judge me), some I got as a gift and recently I got my hands on a pair of  Powerbeats3 Wireless. The the sound quality is okay but for the price you are paying for the convenience of easy pairing to an iDevice and the special Bluetooth chip that allow almost flawless connectivity.


I do have some issue with them though:

  1. The power button is small and almost completely flush with the surface of the earbud making it guess work whether or not I actually pressed it or not
  2. Maybe It’s just me but the ‘Press twice to skip to the next track. Press three times to skip backward’ just doesn’t seem to work well on my Android device at least
  3. The odd lump behind the tip that goes into your ear really intrudes my ability to keeps theses things firmly in

Overall for workouts they sound great and with the right tip you’ll really enjoy these things. Amazon has them on sale for $89.99 so they are a good deal for those that work out.

Written by Charles.D.

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