Nest Audio vs Google Home

If you are a tech enthusiast like me and like the idea of having an assistant to communicate with separate from your cell phone, you either bought a Google Home or an Amazon Echo. Though Amazon brought some fun and innovative functionality to the table, Google has the backing of all its services and powerful AI capabilities. Google is in second place in terms of market share but rising, and that’s because their integration with other hardware is relatively robust, and they are learning how to be a bit more open from the market leader Amazon.

For 2020 Google introduces the new Nest Audio, and the new device sounds significantly better than the original Google Home. The aim was to get the assistance functionality into as many homes a possible, but now they learned that the sound quality is a significant demeaning factor for folks interested in devices like this, and as such, this is the speaker to own.

I’ve only had the opportunity to test it in-store, but I can say it sounds like it will quickly fill a small room. At first sight, I was a bit wary about how it would sound because it has a small form factor, but Google said this is targeted towards people interested in sound quality. If you just need to control your smart home, I would suggest buying the Nest Mini.

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