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Microsoft Upgrades Copilot with OpenAI’s GPT-4

In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in software development, Microsoft has announced a major upgrade to its Copilot feature by integrating OpenAI’s latest and most advanced language model, GPT-4. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way developers write code, enhancing productivity […]

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Tesla’s Cybertruck Livestream Event Celebrates Milestone Deliveries

Today marks a significant milestone for Tesla enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike as the electric vehicle giant is set to host a livestream event to showcase the long-awaited deliveries of its groundbreaking Cybertruck. After months of anticipation, speculation, and a few delays, the Cybertruck is ready to hit the streets, […]

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Ride your E-bike Legally

Do not let postings for sale, like in the image fool you. I know navigating the appeal of electric mopeds, motorcycles, or scooters in New York can be enticing, prompting some to explore online opinions on the legality of registration to sidestep the process potentially. However, it’s crucial to recognize […]

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My Unexpected Switch to the iPhone Ecosystem

Change is often met with resistance, especially when it comes to technology preferences. As a dedicated Android user since the inception of the platform, the idea of switching to an iPhone seemed unfathomable. However, life has a way of presenting unexpected challenges and opportunities, and in my case, the inevitable […]

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Sena Momentum Evo Helmet with Mesh Intercom: Your Riding Companion

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, riders prioritize safety, style, and comfort. The Sena Momentum Evo Helmet with Mesh Intercom in Matte Black ticks all the right boxes. With its innovative features and sleek design, this helmet is a good riding companion for motorcycle enthusiasts or moped riders like myself. […]

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