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The Final Word


Charles.D. | April 23, 2021

Cryptocurrency is something that is a bit of a challenge to explain. It is often compared to stocks, but the reality is it’s a digital or virtual currency, unlike fiat currency or the money in the bank. It utilizes decentralized networks based on blockchain technology and is not issued by any central authority preventing government interception or manipulation.

Though it was created as a joke, Dogecoin has yielded upwards of 3,000% since its inception. With a market capitalization of around $50 billion, this is starting to become something to consider. It would be nice if Coinbase offered it, but there are ways to get it. Kraken (one of the oldest crypto exchanges) as well as Robinhood, but you can search the web and find a few others. Please do not put your life savings into cryptocurrency; it is a very volatile investment objective.

Written by Charles.D.