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Yes 5G is coming and with it the ability for apps and mobile AI to really take off. With increased speeds, areas such as health, industrial, agriculture and many others will be able to

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Google Pay @ ACME

I shop at my local ACME all the time but this week it seems they did an update to their self checkout machine. Normally I would just chose the payment type unlock my Android

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Snow is Coming

If you live in New York you should always be prepared for Snow. though the city responds quickly I’ve compiled a list of items that will make snow life in the city a bit

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Google Pixel 3

For those that aren’t into iPhones the Google Pixel 3 phone is a really good alternative. the build quality is exelent, it has all the latest specs you would expect from a flagship phone,

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Powerbeats3 Wireless

I have several sets of Bluetooth headphones, some from TJ Maxx (Don’t judge me), some I got as a gift and recently I got my hands on a pair of  Powerbeats3 Wireless. The the sound

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Google Voice

I heavily rely on Google Voice, heck I have to stop and pause to remember my actual phone number. Ever since Google updated the app last year it has given me new hope, hope

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The Cold is Upon Us in NY

It’s going to hit 11 degrees Fahrenheit tonight and I know folks further north is really getting hit but for me this is cold. If you have an electric car you’re going to loos

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True Wireless Headphones

Despite the fact that the rational part of my brain told me clearly, two little earplugs with independent batteries, requires not just Bluetooth but constant communication to each other, no real controls and no

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