Capital One Government ID Verification???

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I’ve been with Capital One for years and I’m very happy with their services, I’m also an Android user (yes I’m not ashamed of that), green bubble blue bubble whatever! Recently unbeknownst to Capital One’s customer service reps, they rolled out a new authentication method within their app that was presented to me when I attempted to activate my bank card via Google Pay (see images below). I had to factory reset my phone to correct an issue hence needing to set it up.

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First I called Google just to rule them out (I was pretty sure it wasn’t them), then I called Capital One. The first rep told me it wasn’t their app and I assured him I was looking at the Capital One app asking me these questions, so then I was put on hold, then he came back pretty confident that it was an Android issue and that I should contact the manufacture of my phone, so I again assured him it wasn’t related to my Google Pixel 3 because I just got off the phone with Google. The rep told me I should consult with Samsung or what ever phone vendor I’m with, then again I assured him the Capital One app was requesting this information. at this point (25 minutes later) he handed me off to a manager. The manager immediately told me they do not support Android, (wait what!) is she for real?

What a way to make Android users feel like second class citizens, she then went on to explain how Apple Pay works and is supported. Of course I stood my ground and told her it’s your app that’s asking me to verify my government ID, but she insisted that Samsung Pay (I have a Google Pixel 3 by the way) isn’t supported but Apple Pay is. I told her I would be more then happy to send her a screenshot, and at this point (15 minutes later) she said she would get one of their mobile tech support reps to assist her (why didn’t they suggest this at first!) Everyone wants to be a tech guru, fortunately I am! She finally came back after 10 minutes and apologized, saying they launched this new verification last week on Android when she was on vacation! The potential solution to the problem was to just keep trying different lighting conditions until it works and that it’s new technology with quirks!

All said and done, it still doesn’t work and for a company like Capital One they should have been more prepared for this type of issue and informed their front line support people.

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