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  • Ebike Journey (Part 2)

    Ebike Journey (Part 2)

    So I picked an ebike. I think it sets a balance between price performance and features. It has a lot of things I like and a few I wish I could change. I went with the RadRover 5 (there is a newer one, but this one saves me a bit on the price). The sizeable 26×4 inch tires are great, […]

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  • Ebike Journey (Part 1)

    Ebike Journey (Part 1)

    I commute between New York and New Jersey daily, and I need easy transportation that’s portable low maintenance and has enough power to get me up a hill with relative ease. I also need to be able to pick it up and put it in my SUV without a struggle. I researched online to understand how these electric transporters work […]

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  • Zero Motorcycles

    Zero Motorcycles

    So I love tech and especially the idea of electrified vehicles. I have an electric skateboard that I do not feel comfortable riding at my age, I have a Segway mini that isn’t safe to ride with the learning curve and the amount of power required to control it, and my beloved Hover-1 – Alpha scooter. My scooter was forced […]

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