Yes 5G is coming and with it the ability for apps and mobile AI to really take off. With increased speeds, areas such as health, industrial, agriculture and many others will be able to control and monitor IoT devices on a level that could increase yield and productivity.

  • Mobile Gaming: Imagine high resolution gaming on a connected mobile device from anywhere, no need to be tethered to a physical home or office network.
  • Connected Cars: Cars have the potential to do amazing things, they could potentially alert each other of impending danger via ‘dedicated short-range communications’ operating on a special FCC issued (GHz) band.
  • Emergency Services: Imagine an ambulance with the ability to transmit real-time data to a receiving hospital in anticipation of a patient in order to achieve a seamless hand off.

Let’s get ready, Samsung recently announced their new 5G phone and others will soon follow.

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